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CEO Letter

Dear Booz Allen Stakeholders and Friends,

We are pleased to share our 2022 Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Report. Over the past year, our nation and world continued to experience complex, dynamic challenges, from healthcare to climate change to geopolitical conflicts—the disruption is constant. At the same time, systemic inequities make certain groups more vulnerable to these issues, creating uneven impacts. The solutions to these challenges require new and imaginative ways of thinking and collaborating to create a more secure, resilient, and equitable future for all people.

Booz Allen's growth strategy VoLT—which stands for Velocity, Leadership, and Technology— is how we drive our institution, industry, communities, and nation toward a better future, faster. VoLT is underway and already accelerating our ability to solve some of the U.S. government's most critical mission challenges. Our VoLT and ESG objectives are fully integrated and inextricably aligned to our purpose: To empower people to change the world.

The stories and results detailed in this report reflect our values and demonstrate our deep commitment to people, empowerment, innovation, access, equity, and resilience. We can only live our purpose and change the world if we are providing all of our people with the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our talented employees and our stakeholders deserve nothing less. We continue to execute against the comprehensive DEI action plan we announced in 2021 and hold ourselves accountable to do more. In this year's report, you will see details on our DEI progress, as well as greater transparency in our workforce demographics.

As a leader in driving transformative change, we know today's societal issues and mission challenges cannot be solved by a single company or solely by the government or private sector. Success will rely on our ability to build strategic partnerships that enable people and organizations with the right technologies and vision to be included in the dialogue and solution development, regardless of their size. We believe inclusive innovation is how the best ideas get unlocked to deliver maximum impact.

At Booz Allen, we embrace our role in making tomorrow better than today, and we will continue to invest in ESG efforts that are relevant to our business, important to our stakeholders, and make the greatest positive impact on our people, nation, and world. We remain fully committed to grow our business in alignment with our ESG objectives.

With warm regards and gratitude,

Horacio D. Rozanski Horacio D. Rozanski President and Chief Executive Officer