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Empower Diverse Talent

We work to ensure all people have access to opportunities as well as the agency and support to pursue them in order to achieve their goals.

Material Topics:

  • Access & Affordability
  • Community Relations
  • Employee Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Labor Practices
  • Physical & Sociopolitical Risks
  • Public Health Risks
  • Sourcing Efficiency and Management Transparency
  • Workforce Management

Employee Engagement & Retention

Aligning with our purpose and values, our people know they are making a difference while also growing their careers. This furthers their commitment to Booz Allen, and in turn, makes them ambassadors for future talent. Booz Allen has always recognized the importance of our people and culture, and we continue to build on that strong legacy as we support our people to meet their full potential.

The Employee Experience

To understand how our people experience our work environment and culture, we conduct annual Employee Experience and Leading with Values surveys. The results of both surveys help us identify our strengths as well as ways to improve our benefits, training, and engagement offerings, practices, and leader behaviors. We engage with employees several times a year to understand how we can best help them, whether that be through maintaining a robust benefits program, providing pathways to increased financial security, enhancing caregiver support, and improving telework resources.

Looking ahead, we plan to further enhance our annual surveys to make the questions more actionable and relatable—thereby making the data more useful—as well as expanding their scope to more nuanced but important areas of the employee journey, such as drivers of burnout or challenges related to hybrid work environments.

Values-Driven Management

A cornerstone of the employee experience at Booz Allen is our leaders' values-driven approach. Even while transitioning to a hybrid remote working environment, favorability scores for leaders from the annual Leading with Values survey increased.

Business Resource Groups

Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) inspire a sense of belonging for our people—one of our four DEI strategy pillars—and provide spaces to share, learn, mentor, and grow together. BRGs are culture champions and provide a channel for employees to demonstrate leadership skills and connect across sectors. Employees voluntarily affiliate with one or several BRGs. BRG membership is open to all employees—whether they are identifying member or allies. The BRGs are centrally funded, and each has executive sponsors who serve on our DEI Executive Council—the governance body responsible for overseeing the integration of our DEI strategy firmwide.

  1. Global Disabilities:
    Our Global Disabilities BRG advances awareness of and provides support to our people with disabilities. Its goals are to foster an inclusive and supportive workplace that values diverse thinking and differences and to empower the disabilities community to change the world.
  2. GLOBE+:
    The GLOBE+ BRG advocates for the professional development, growth, and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, and questioning employees and their allies. Our LGBTQIA+ BRG honors diversity by standing for equality and visibility and working to advance the development and growth of LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies.
  3. Military and Veterans:
    The Military and Veterans BRG is a natural home for veterans, military-affiliated employees, and military spouses thanks to our firm's longstanding commitment of service and support to the U.S. Department of Defense. Through our Military and Veterans BRG, we work to recruit and retain military talent and spouses by helping them make the transition to the private sector and navigate unique circumstances. This BRG supports the Armed Services Network and Military Spouse Network.
  4. Multicultural:
    Our Multicultural BRG increases the representation of ethnic minority talent at Booz Allen and focuses on strength through connections. This BRG supports five employee networks: African American Network (AAN), Asian Pacific American Network (APAN), Indigenous Network (IN), Latin American Network (LAN), Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Network.
  5. Women:
    Our Women's BRG empowers women and their allies through engagement opportunities such as workshops, development programs, and other activities. It also supports three other employee networks—Women in Defense, Women in Leadership, and Women Techmakers—driving a movement of belonging at Booz Allen.
Ashely Fagan

Inclusivity + Community

Ashely Fagan always feels he can bring his true self to work.

A veteran, national security expert, and lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve, Ashely also shines as a leader of Booz Allen's LGBTQIA+ business resource group, GLOBE+, where he creates connections and helps advance DEI initiatives across the firm.

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