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Empower Diverse Talent

We work to ensure all people have access to opportunities as well as the agency and support to pursue them in order to achieve their goals.

Material Topics:

  • Access & Affordability
  • Community Relations
  • Employee Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Labor Practices
  • Physical & Sociopolitical Risks
  • Public Health Risks
  • Sourcing Efficiency and Management Transparency
  • Workforce Management

Employee Well-being

We take pride in our robust employee well-being programs, particularly those supporting mental and emotional health. While the pandemic served as a true test of these efforts, our Total Rewards approach to well-being continued to prioritize employee morale, engagement, and retention. This approach is designed to show our appreciation for our people's contributions, provide them with opportunities and choices, support their well-being, and help them navigate work-life integration. With its people-first perspective, Total Rewards is critical in enhancing our people's experiences at work and home. Our integrated well-being strategy supports all aspects of our people's lives and empowers our people to thrive.

Our Approach to Well-being:

Total well-being:

Support for physical, emotional, financial, and social health


Maintain strategy/programs to meet the changing needs of our workforce and our firm


Understand growing industry/market trends and focus on evidence-based solutions


Provide incentives, healthy lifestyle promotions, team building, and tools to encourage employees on their personal well-being journeys

We are committed to supporting the well-being of employees and their families. Regardless of market forces and changes, our commitment endures—to provide employees and their families with the best available healthcare options, programs, tools, and resources to help them be well. Much like our people, our Total Rewards offerings go above and beyond. We provide benefits that expand along with our people's life pursuits and needs. For example, in addition to health, vision, dental, and disability insurance coverage, we offer a 6% 401(K) match, an employee stock purchase plan, several paid leave programs (including 6 weeks paid parental leave), and financial support for continued education. More information on current employee well-being and benefits offerings are available on our website.

As the future of work changes, we built out on-demand digital resources so anyone can access them anytime—from anywhere. We implemented our well-being digital hub and reward platform to provide comprehensive resources and personalized content for physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being support. We moved from pre-determined wellness challenges to a points-based model to give employees more time, choice, and ways to earn incentives.

COVID-19, social unrest, and the U.S. political climate have taken a toll on our people's emotional health. We hosted focus groups with employees to learn more about their needs. As a result, we expanded the number of free counseling sessions offered by our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) from 8 to 12, and we worked with our provider to allow employees to select an EAP counselor based on gender, race, and diversity in specialty areas.

We also broadened telehealth and tele-mental health services to employees and their family members, enabling access to quality care for those who may live in communities with limited providers. We are proud to report that more than 4,000 employees completed voluntary courses on Mental Health Awareness, Allyship, and Empathy and Conscious Communication.