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Drive Community Resilience

We work to drive community resiliency by protecting our firm's and community assets against evolving threats and by addressing inequitable access to resources.

Material Topics:

  • Access & Affordability
  • Business Model Resilience
  • Climate Change and GHG Emissions
  • Community Relations
  • Customer Privacy and Data Security
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Physical & Sociopolitical Risks
  • Public Health Risks

Resilient Enterprise & Workforce

To protect our people and mitigate the impacts of disruptions, our business assurance and business continuity programs partner across the enterprise to plan for, respond to, and support recovery from a variety of scenarios. Our Business Assurance Office plans for and manages crises that endanger the life, safety, and well-being of Booz Allen people and could disrupt business operations.

We engage in proactive risk monitoring, employee outreach, executive crisis management planning, stakeholder training, and tactical response leadership when real-world incidents occur. Our Business Continuity Program Office maintains and promotes the firm's business continuity management system through business continuity plans, critical business operations recovery strategies, education initiatives, and related exercises to ensure the firm's corporate functions can continue to operate and serve our clients during and following business disruptions. This multifaceted approach, and close collaboration with teams working across the enterprise during crises, fosters resiliency and protects our business operations, including our people, physical and intellectual property, services, products, and assets to enable continuous support to our clients' missions.

Our continued multiplatform outreach, including Incident Command team (ICT) engagement, targeted threat-specific preparedness, regular employee communications, and the launch of six on-demand preparedness modules for all employees in 2021, helps us succeed with our emergency alert system (EAS) response. This fiscal year, we will complete a comprehensive accuracy review of the firm's 338 business impact analyses, which permit operationalizing our business continuity plans.

Employee Emergency Preparedness

To make sure our people know what to do when certain emergencies strike, we offer preparedness awareness resources (e.g., topical articles in the firmwide newsletter, facility signage, on-demand e-learning, etc.) to all our people and conduct training for local office leadership through our Incident Command team (ICT) program. Our 24/7 Global Security Operations Center and Business Assurance Office monitor global developments and are trained to act in coordination with colleagues from across the enterprise when needed. This matrixed approach helps multiple business functions, including Security Services, Global Workplace, People Services, and Enterprise Technology Services and Solutions, operate as one team to provide consistent and coordinated support of our people. During the most severe incidents, the executive-level Crisis Management team offers leadership guidance, facilitates decision making, and prioritizes resources to support our people.

Our firm also uses our EAS to provide timely, actionable guidance to employees and, when necessary, to account for their safety. As an example, in one quarterly EAS test this year we heard back from 95% of our workforce within 24 hours, with 88% indicating they "feel ready with plans and supplies."

Enhancing Enterprise Resiliency

Resiliency Through Best Practices: The Business Continuity Program Office builds resiliency into our formal global business continuity management system and maintains an active International Organization for Standardization (ISO) business continuity management systems certification, ISO 22301:2019. This certification is evidence of our conformance to the industry-neutral best practices identified as necessary to maintain operations during a disruption. In addition, the program leverages state-of-the-art technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our business continuity processes.

Managing Incident Response: The Business Assurance Office employs crisis/incident management, global risk monitoring, and coordinated response to critical incidents. Dedicated teams of experts work before, during, and after incidents to implement swift, effective solutions that minimize impacts on our people, property, operations, stakeholders, and clients. We also have technological recovery solutions that protect the firm's valuable information assets, whether in a Booz Allen facility or on the go. See more information on page 39 of this report.

Keeping Our People Safe: We recognize that some parts of the world and specific lines of business may face higher threats. Therefore, we provide our people with location-specific protection and risk monitoring, mitigation, planning, training, and response support.