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Empower Diverse Talent

We work to ensure all people have access to opportunities as well as the agency and support to pursue them in order to achieve their goals.

Material Topics:

  • Access & Affordability
  • Community Relations
  • Employee Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Labor Practices
  • Physical & Sociopolitical Risks
  • Public Health Risks
  • Sourcing Efficiency and Management Transparency
  • Workforce Management

Talent Acquisition

We lead with our purpose and values, and focus on client mission to attract talented people who will enable us to meet client needs and fulfill the ambitions of our VoLT growth strategy. Our talent acquisition processes under VoLT continue to be informed by people analytics and market forecasting, with the goal of sourcing and onboarding employees so they can be engaged in client delivery faster than ever. The Talent Acquisition team collaborates with our Business Resource Groups, Technical Experience Groups, and other functions to make sure our efforts across the candidate journey support our inclusive hiring goals.

We launched our Talent Marketplace in FY22. It is designed to enhance internal mobility by giving our people access to more career and development opportunities inside the firm and by boosting their ability to demonstrate proficiency to current and future managers. With an increasingly distributed workforce and commitment to managed flexibility, it is important we have the ability to identify employees who are the best fit for projects, regardless of where they live. In the coming year, we will collect insights from participating employees, managers, and senior leaders through open feedback channels, pilot surveys, and focus groups, and evaluate metrics that affect our recruitment goals, fine-tuning them as we go.

Neurodiversity Hiring Initiative

Neurodiversity encompasses a wide range of neurological differences, such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and dyslexia. Oftentimes, neurodiverse individuals think, learn, and process information differently. We aim to recruit skilled neurodiverse talent and build an organizational culture that welcomes employees with disabilities more broadly. These efforts are an extension of support already offered to current neurodiverse employees.

We are partnering with Specialisterne to develop job roles and source qualified neurodiverse candidates. This effort will strengthen our inclusive culture, improve the abilities of our people leaders, and encourage current neurodiverse employees to become mentors. Our Global Disabilities Business Resource Group members are engaged in mentoring and activities to build social connections, both of which are essential to fostering employee inclusion.

Technical talent fueling Booz Allen's future

Our 15 fastest growing job profiles are dominated by highly technical data, software, digital, and coding skills


We expect that by FY25, 71% of our client-facing employees will hold one of these job profiles