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Make Innovation Accessible to All

We work to ensure that innovation reaches, reflects, and benefits society, knowing that our diverse teams enable us to create solutions that best serve our clients' missions.

Material Topics:

  • Access and Affordability
  • Community Relations
  • Customer Practices
  • Employee Diversity and Inclusion
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Public Health Risks

Cultivating an Innovation Ecosystem

To accelerate mission-critical outcomes for the public sector with agility, reach, speed, and efficiency, Booz Allen looks for innovative ways to integrate emerging technologies with client needs through diverse industry partnerships and corporate venture capital investments. This requires being nimble, prioritizing scale, and minimizing time, cost, and risk, all while staying aligned with our purpose and values.

Collaborating with—and Learning from—Startups

For over a decade, we have been collaborating with startups to apply leading-edge technology solutions to federal government missions, transforming government operations and improving programs that create significant public benefits. The rapid pace at which technology solutions and use cases emerge requires organizational leaders to adopt or adapt quickly. We enable faster application of emerging solutions to federal government missions by identifying the most promising commercial technology in the marketplace, assessing them for our clients, and supporting their deployment in the federal government space.

Technology Scouting

Our Technology Scouting team has deep relationships that provide our clients early access to emerging solutions through more than 30 venture capitalists and incubators. Since 2020, our teams have vetted over 2,800 dual-use startups for the U.S. government. This has yielded unique access to startups and dual-use solutions and resulted in broad industry engagement to address national security challenges.

Booz Allen Ventures

Booz Allen Ventures, our corporate venture capital fund that is seeded with an initial $100M, launched in July 2022. It deepens our commitment to integrating strategic technologies that differentiate Booz Allen solutions and provides clients access to disruptive technology faster. Booz Allen Ventures is a startup- and founder-friendly fund that is closely aligned to our VoLT growth strategy, creating opportunities to deploy capital in a timeframe that leapfrogs typical development cycles and delivering advanced capabilities into the hands of our clients faster. See our website to learn more about Booz Allen Ventures.


Our partnerships program aligns client demand signals to the external technology ecosystem from startups to technology leaders. Through relationships in our expanding ecosystem, we are co-developing solutions that drive speed to market in emerging areas like AI, edge technology, secure communications, digital twin, and mission areas including Digital Battlespace, Cyber, and Climate. We have cultivated a portfolio of over 80+ partners committed to bringing leading tech to federal government missions. Through our joint commitments we have trained over 1,000 Booz Allen people on our ecosystem partners' high-tech solutions, added 25 new partners to the ecosystem, and received public recognition by industry leaders for our commitment in jointly developing and delivering mission solutions.

Brian MacCarthy

Laser-Focused on Innovation and Inclusion

Vice President Brian MacCarthy leads Booz Allen Ventures. His years of tech scouting, plus leadership of our innovation efforts, are helping him position the firm's corporate venture capital initiative for the road ahead.Brian's role as executive sponsor of the Global Disabilities business resource group means he's also focused on making new technology solutions more inclusive and accessible.

Learn more about Brian