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Employee Engagement

Aligning with our purpose and values, our people know they are making a difference while also growing their careers. This furthers their commitment to Booz Allen and, in turn, makes them ambassadors for future talent. Booz Allen has always recognized the importance of our people and culture, and we continue to build on that strong legacy as we support our people to meet their full potential.

The Employee Experience

We are committed to creating a consistent and positive Booz Allen experience for all employees. To understand how employees experience their work environment and our culture, we conduct annual Employee Experience and Leading with Values surveys. The results of these surveys help us identify our strengths as well as ways to improve our benefits, training, engagement offerings, practices, and leader behaviors. We engage with employees several times a year to understand how we can best help them, whether that be through maintaining a robust benefits program, providing pathways to increased financial security, enhancing caregiver support, or improving telework resources.

In FY23, we enhanced our annual surveys to make the questions more actionable and relatable, thereby making the data more useful. For the Employee Experience survey, we sunset low-value items, to assess potential differences between Booz Allen and client-related experiences, and offered new opportunities for qualitative feedback. We also plan to expand survey scope to more nuanced but important areas of the employee journey, such as drivers of burnout or challenges related to hybrid work environments. We expanded our Leading with Values survey to all senior associates in an effort to drive accountability deeper into the organization.

Our FY23 employee surveys indicate Booz Allen is outperforming industry standards in making employees feel valued, supported, and on track to meet their career goals.

Global Business Resource Groups and Networks

Our Global Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and Networks inspire a sense of belonging for our people—one of our four DEI Strategy pillars—and provide spaces to share, learn, mentor, and grow together. Harnessing the power of diversity, we founded the BRGs to advance our business priorities, acknowledge intersectionality, and engage with employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle. By providing an inclusive and welcoming environment, each BRG empowers our employees and their allies by advocating for their professional development, growth, and visibility.

BRGs are culture champions, providing a channel for employees to demonstrate leadership skills and connect across sectors. Employees voluntarily affiliate with one or several BRGs, and membership is open to all employees—whether they are identifying members or allies. Nearly a quarter of our employees are members of at least one of our five company-sponsored BRGs and associated networks. The BRGs are centrally funded, and each has executive sponsors who serve on our DEI Executive Council—the governance body responsible for overseeing the integration of our DEI Strategy firmwide. Our BRGs have aligned their focus areas and activities to make a deeper impact on our business and the firm's DEI Strategy.

5 Business Resource GROUPS

  1. GLOBAL DISABILITIES: Our Global Disabilities BRG advances awareness of and provides support to our people with disabilities. Its goals are to foster an inclusive and supportive workplace that values and affirms the contributions of those with apparent and nonapparent disabilities, and to support the work of every employee impacted by disability.

    Booz Allen maintained its status as a top-scoring company on the Disability Equality Index—a joint initiative of Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities—and was named by them as a "Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion" for the ninth year in a row. The Index is a comprehensive benchmarking tool that helps companies build a roadmap of measurable and tangible actions toward disability inclusion and equality.

  2. GLOBE+: The GLOBE+ BRG advocates for the professional development, growth, and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, queer, and questioning employees and their allies. Its advocacy and education programs focus on inclusive leadership, intersectionality, and allyship for LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies.

    In FY23, Booz Allen was recognized as a "Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality" by the Human Rights Campaign for the 12th consecutive year. The GLOBE+ BRG partnered with Booz Allen's benefits team to expand transgender healthcare benefits, which now cover additional services and treatments to support employees and family members. The GLOBE+ BRG also supported the Capital Pride Alliance to win the location bid for WorldPride in 2025, which is anticipated to bring millions of visitors to the Washington, DC, area.

  3. GLOBAL MILITARY AND VETERANS: The Military and Veterans BRG is a natural home for veterans, military-affiliated employees, and military spouses thanks to our firm's long-standing commitment of service and support to the U.S. Department of Defense. Through our Military and Veterans BRG, we work to recruit and retain military talent and spouses, helping them make the transition to the private sector and navigate unique circumstances. This BRG supports Booz Allen's Armed Services Network and Military Spouse Network.

    The Military and Veterans BRG, Armed Services Network, and Military Spouse Network joined together to host several military appreciation efforts, including regional breakfasts to build connection and belonging. The Armed Services Network established Booz Allen's Transition Center of Excellence to provide additional professional development opportunities and support, including a one-year cohort program, learning resources, and sponsors for new hires.

  1. GLOBAL MULTICULTURAL: Our Multicultural BRG increases the representation and visibility of ethnic diversity at Booz Allen through career growth, professional development opportunities, and a collective mindset of active allyship. This BRG supports five employee networks: African American Network (AAN), Asian Pacific American Network (APAN), Indigenous Network (IN), Latin American Network (LAN), and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Network.

    The Multicultural BRG and its affiliated networks increase the visibility and professional development of our ethnically diverse workforce through awards programs and conferences sponsored by the Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA), American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and Women of MENA in Technology.

  2. GLOBAL WOMEN'S: Our Women's BRG empowers women and their allies through engagement opportunities such as workshops, development programs, and other activities. Through the efforts of the Global Women's BRG, Booz Allen has been honored as one of Working Mother's "100 Best Companies" for working moms for 22 consecutive years.

    To hear from employees about the impact our BRGs are making at Booz Allen and beyond, please read our Unstoppable Together magazine.

Technical Experience Groups

To support our VoLT growth strategy and the highly skilled workforce crucial to its success, we launched eight Technical Experience Groups (TXGs) designed to help attract, engage, and retain our technically focused employees. Each TXG supports four strategic pillars: development, opportunity, connections, and thought leadership. They are open to all Booz Allen employees—from interested to expert. By taking part in the groups, employees build technical and business acumen, unlock career opportunities, connect with mentoring programs, and access and create technical thought leadership.

Each TXG has several executive-level sponsors as well as leads at all levels. The executive sponsors also serve on our Executive Tech Talent Council, led by our chief technology officer, to advance the overall program and ensure the groups support our business strategy and employee value proposition.

More than 46% of Booz Allen employees belong to a TXG. More than just networks, they are the nexus for training, badges, conferences, and other talent development offerings in their focus area. They also provide an avenue for employees to bring ideas forward and to respond to demand signals within the community. For example, our generative AI network formed in the wake of the introduction of new tech like ChatGPT and quickly became a forum for tech exchange, learning events, and meetups.

As Booz Allen continues to hire record numbers of technical talent, our TXGs play a unique role in onboarding that talent. Certain job profiles uniquely align with TXG topics, and we automatically enroll new hires with those profiles into the corresponding TXG(s), jumpstarting their development by connecting them with learning resources and a like-minded network.

In FY23, Booz Allen held the X Summit, our first-ever firmwide convening of TXGs. Drawing more than 4,300 attendees, the event featured a week of speakers, workshops, meetups, and technical training. During the summit, 264 employees completed a technical training or workshop.

Looking to the future, we expect our TXGs will differentiate Booz Allen from other employers while equipping our people with top qualifications, credentials, and leading-edge insights.


  1. Artificial Intelligence: The Artificial Intelligence (AI) TXG's computer programmers, mathematicians, and scientists harness computer learning to tackle complex decision making with speed and precision. The group focuses on current and emerging AI capability areas, including machine learning (ML), predictive modeling, automation and decision analytics, and quantum computing.
  2. Cloud & Infrastructure: The Cloud & Infrastructure TXG's architects and engineers help accelerate, scale, secure, and transform mission and business outcomes using the latest technologies and partner offerings. The group advances platform and infrastructure capabilities, including hybrid and multicloud deployment, edge cloud, cloud migration and modernization, DevSecOps, and enterprise mobility, security, and infrastructure modernization.
  3. Cyber: The Cyber TXG's threat hunters, intelligence analysts, and ethical hackers utilize cybersecurity expertise to protect and defend computer networks, cyber physical systems, and infrastructure. The group prioritizes cyber capability areas, including strategy and policy, risk management, architecture and engineering, defense operations, analytics and AI/ML, and computer network operations.
  4. Data Science & Data Engineering: The Data Science & Data Engineering TXG's data scientists, analysts, and engineers transform data into insights to inform decisions. The group emphasizes data science and data engineering capability areas, such as visualization, strategy, and analysis.
  1. Experience & Immersive: The Experience & Immersive TXG's artists, engineers, strategists, and storytellers combine human-centered design, digital, and data expertise to create meaningful customer experiences that improve how people interact with their environments. The group highlights experience and immersive capability areas, including user experience (UX)/user interface (UI), design thinking, sketching, graphic design, web design, and digital product design.
  2. Software Engineering: The Software Engineering TXG's front end, back end, and full-stack developers, architects, designers, testers, and UX professionals apply engineering methods and principles to the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software. The group harnesses modern software and systems development capability areas, in particular agile practices, DevSecOps, automation and cloud, and low-code/no-code platform engineering.
  3. Systems & Digital Engineering: The Systems & Digital Engineering TXG's engineers, system architects, computer programmers, and digital analysts combine traditional engineering with modern digital tools and practices to more efficiently and effectively conceptualize, design, develop, and deploy integrated services and solutions. The group focuses on systems and digital engineering capability areas, like engineering and science, data and ML, cloud automation, digital twin, and 5G.
  4. Tech Strategy & Product Management: The Tech Strategy & Product Management TXG's agile practitioners, operational specialists, and product and project managers manage the strategic, operational, and management functions that enable digital execution and IT transformation. The group prioritizes tech strategy and product management capability areas, including corporate venture capital, digital transformation, emerging tech, partnerships, product management, strategic assessments and technology adoption, and tech scouting.