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Make Innovation Accessible to All

We work to ensure that innovation reaches, reflects, and benefits society, knowing that our diverse teams enable us to create solutions that best serve our clients' missions.

Material Topics:

  • Access and Affordability
  • Community Relations
  • Customer Practices
  • Employee Diversity and Inclusion
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Public Health Risks

Expanding Our Innovation Capacity

We strive to be a destination for world-class technical talent and to empower our people to expand our mission-centric, innovation capacity within Booz Allen by creating spaces and communities for them to research, incubate, and prototype emerging technologies and solutions.


In 2022, we launched BrightLabs within our Chief Technology Office as an innovation incubator to develop, prototype, and pilot mission-centric minimum viable solutions that can shape, capture, and deliver growth for our firm. Launched with the idea of making it easy for our people to integrate emerging technologies with pervasive problems, BrightLabs is developing and testing solutions with cutting-edge tools such as edge computing, extended reality (XR), and digital twins of physical objects.

For example, we have invested in quantum technology and research to stay ready and ahead of dramatic leaps in computational capability, important advances in sensor design, and new strategies for accurately communicating quantum information. Quantum computing will drive revolutionary advancements in nearly every industry and discipline including national security, communications, healthcare, materials engineering, manufacturing, and finance. Better simulations of extreme weather caused by climate change, new computational design techniques for pharmaceuticals, new materials for increasing the efficiency of solar cells and batteries, optimization techniques for complex supply chains; these are just some of the possibilities for quantum technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

We understand that artificial intelligence (AI) is not a single technology breakthrough, but a complex integration of people, processes, and technology that empowers organizations to focus on their missions and act with speed and scale. We deliver some of the most advanced AI, machine learning (ML), and data architecture technologies, services, and strategies to our clients. AI technologies hold the promise to help reshape and improve all sectors of society, including energy and the environment, health, transportation, law enforcement, and homeland security. With missions that impact key aspects of everyday life, our clients have unique opportunities to develop robust, ethical AI that remains human-centered and protects individual privacy rights consistent with the nation's laws and values.

Solutions Center

Client needs are rapidly evolving every day. Our Booz Allen teams are expected to deliver complex solutions to support critical initiatives—in less time than ever before. To deliver technical advantage and efficiency for mission innovation, we created the Solutions Center: a fully integrated foundation of proven, reusable engineering assets and curated expertise to give all Booz Allen people access to components that propel their speed to mission impact.

Santiago Milian

Strengthening Equitable Access at USDA

Santiago Milian leads the team that's helping the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rethink its programs for minority and underserved communities.

In partnership with USDA, Booz Allen designed a human-centered, data-driven method for identifying and addressing historic inequities across the Department—ultimately helping leaders make USDA's services more inclusive and accessible for all people.

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